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How AnatomyPrint works

Anatomical Model 3D File

Before you can print your anatomical model, you need to segment your file based on medical images. This can be performed by using our Materialise Mimics software. Watch our segmentation videos for heart and orthopaedic fracture.

Upload and Order

Now that you have a 3D model, you can upload it to our AnatomyPrint website:

  • Instant pricing
  • Automated and manual checks
  • Print in 5 different materials
  • Rely on our 25 years of printing experiences
  • Support of STL and VRML files
  • Maximum file size: 100MB


Offering 5 different 3D Printing materials ideal for anatomical models, we offer only the highest quality to turn your patient’s anatomy into 3D-printed replica’s.

Our facilities contain over 100 printers, including 12 of the world's largest stereolithography machines (printing up to 2100 x 680 x 800 mm), which makes us a reliable manufacturing partner for your 3D Printing business.


We ship to US and Europe by UPS. We always use this package delivery company and can’t make any exceptions. Exact shipping rates are displayed on the shipping info page during checkout.

The standard delivery time (the time between placing and shipping your order) lies between 6 and 20 business days (holidays not included). The time depends on the complexity, material, and finish of your order.