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3D design & printing

  • Which 3D segmentation software can I use?

    Materialise Mimics inPrint is the turnkey solution to transform your images into a virtual 3D printable file.

    Learn more about Materialise Mimics InPrint.

  • I have no 3D design experience, how can I design my own model?

    We can make a 3D file based on your DICOM information. Please contact us to send a segmentation request. One of our clinical engineers will contact you.

  • What is minimal wall thickness and level of detail?

    You can find more about minimal wall thickness on the material pages.

  • How big can I make my model?

    How big you can make your model differs for the various 3D Printing processes we use. On the AnatomyPrint upload platform, it will be automatically calculated if your model is not too big to be printed by that specific printing technique.

  • What if my 3D model contains 'errors'? Will you fix it?

    If you upload your model in our 3D print lab and it contains errors, our software will try to fix it on the spot. However, in case it cannot be fixed automatically, you won't receive an online price, and you can submit an offline price request (free of charge). Then, if you would like to order the model, we can fix it for you. If, for some reason, you cannot request an offline price, just contact us and we'll get right on it!


  • Are my files treated confidentially?

    Yes. Knowing that you probably spent several hours or days on your design, we treat it with confidentiality. We don't publish renders or photos of your design, nor make the design available for everyone, without your permission. The uploaded models cannot be downloaded by anyone but us.

  • What models are prohibited to be printed?

    We don't print models that are in conflict with our mission and value statement, which is to make the world a better and healthier place to live. We can refuse these models at all time.


  • Which materials can I use?

    We currently 3D print anatomical models in 5 3D Printing materials.
    However, there is no 'perfect' 3D printing material for each application. There are a lot of criteria to determine the best suited material for your anatomical model. The most common ones are size, level of detail, type of material, use, color and finish. Only our HeartPrint Flex material is ideal for cardiovascular models.

  • What level of transparency will I achieve with transparent resin?

    The transparency of Transparent Resin is not 100% water clear but is somewhere situated between translucent and water clear. However, if your model is solid with a thickness greater than 2 cm, the 3D-printed part will have a bluish shine.
    The finish of your Transparent Resin model will be a “technical finish”. After printing, the support material is first removed (if possible), and your model is only slightly sandpapered. Then your model is cured (hardened under UV light) and transparent paint (varnish) is applied on all reachable surfaces. The varnish will protect your model from dust and slows down the discoloration process. Please take note that, with technical finish, building layers and some bubbles will still be visible. Therefore, Transparent Resin is mainly used for anatomical models that need a transparent look.

    Please note that the visibility of the layers strongly depend on the shape or the design of the model. For instance, on a curved surface, layers will be much more visible.


  • Do any of the (plastic) 3D-printed parts suffer from UV discoloration over time?

    Yes, unfortunately. And as mentioned, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to 3D Printing. This also applies to how 3D-printed parts discolor over time.

    • Polyamide

    Over time, Polyamide will start to show discoloration and slightly turn yellowish. Unfortunately, this process is an inherent property of the nylon material and is caused by a chemical reaction within the polymer chains. There really is no treatment that can protect the natural color of nylon from discoloring over time. 

    • Transparent Resin

    Transparent varnish is applied to your model in order to make it transparent. The varnish will protect your model from dust and slows down the discoloration process.

    • Multicolor

    Exposure to direct sunlight will cause your Multicolor model to fade over time. Moisture will destroy the color of your model.

Ordering & shipping

  • Why was my order cancelled?

    If your order gets cancelled, it is because we have encountered problems with the design. You will be informed of the reason for cancelation by email. If possible, you can then redesign or modify the design and order it again.

  • What's the difference between UPS Standard and UPS Express Saver?

    The difference between UPS Standard and UPS Express Saver lies in transit time. UPS Standard always uses road transport and a foreseen delivery date while UPS Express Saver uses air transport (if faster) and guarantees the foreseen delivery date. If you're located in Europe, you can choose between UPS Standard and UPS Express Saver. Outside of Europe, we always use UPS Express Saver.

  • If my order was canceled, how do I receive my refund?
    We will refund the cost of the order to the original payment method you used for your order. While a refund from AnatomyPrint is immediate, it can take up to several business days for either your bank or PayPal to fully process the release.
    Please note that, if you used a Credit Card to pay for your order, refunds will sometimes not be visible. If they were made straight after the initial payment, then no money was charged from your card.
  • How do I use a promo code?

    Insert the promo code or voucher into the predefined field during the checkout process. When the code is valid, you will see the discount appear. Contact us if you need any help.

    There are a few things to know about using promo codes:

    • Only one promo code can be used per order.
    • If your promo code has expired, there is no way to re-activate it.
    • Some promo codes can be only used once. Specific promo codes such as the educational discount can be used as many times as they are valid.
    • Promo codes can't be applied retroactively.
  • Do I have to pay duties or import tax on my order?
    There are no duties or import taxes for orders sent to countries in the EU. For US customers there will be an export tax.
  • What payment options are available?

    Orders may be paid for via PayPal as long as PayPal is available in your country. Check PayPal to see where it is available. You may pay via PayPal in either EUR (Euro), USD (US Dollar), GBP (British Pound) depending on the destination country of your order. It's also possible to pay with Debit or Credit Card via PayPal. In that case orders can be paid for using American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA. 

  • Do I need to pay VAT?

    That depends on where you want your design to be delivered. For non-EU-countries no VAT will be applied. For EU-countries the VAT amount will be added to the total amount. VAT for EU-countries (excl. Belgium) can be prevented if you fill in a valid VAT number during checkout or if the VAT number is registered under your account.

  • How can I update my order?

    Please contact us if you would like to update files or change a selected material, color or finish. We will look into the status of your order and see if it is still possible to update the information.

  • Why is my order on hold?

    When your order has been put on hold, it means that we have encountered problems with the design. In the event of this happening, we will contact you by email and give you the opportunity to modify the design.

  • Where can I track the progress of my order?

    You can track the progress of your order by logging in and going to 'Orders' in your profile. If the status of your order is 'in production', the estimated shipment date will be indicated. When your order is then shipped, the UPS tracking number will be shown on this page. You will also receive the UPS tracking number by email.

  • Can I ship to a different address than my own?

    Yes, you can ship your AnatomyPrint order to an address different from your billing address as long as it is in Europe or the US. Just fill in the desired delivery address in the shipment details during checkout. The shipping costs will be calculated based on this information. The country of destination determines whether you have to pay VAT (value added tax) or not.

  • How can I update my shipping information?

    Please contact us if you would like to update your shipping information. As long as your order hasn’t been prepared for shipment yet and the payment of the VAT will not be altered, we can still update the information.

  • I need my order faster than the indicated delivery date. Can you speed up my order?

    Unfortunately we cannot rush the production of your order any faster than the time frame indicated on our website. The reason why it’s hard to speed up the production of a high-quality 3D print is simple: It’s not only about the printing (which often only takes one or two days). It’s about a process of file checking, planning, printing, cleaning, finishing, quality-checking and packing your products. And these steps can add up.

  • Can I pick up my order at Materialise?

    Yes! Our customer pickup option allows customers from Belgium to pick up their orders at Materialise HQ in Leuven, Belgium. Customer Pickup is a great way to save money and time (if you’re in the neighborhood) and is possible from Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. When your order is ready to pick up, a notification will be sent to the email that was filled in on the shipping information.

  • How can I update the shipping method option?

    If you want to change the shipping method after placing an order, please contact us.